Why Is the North Star Immobile?


The Universe is full of unknown objects. Some of them contain life. It’s cold, hot, beautiful. Let’s take a shooting star. It travels from who knows where to who knows where. In between its destination, we can see its beauty. It’s bright. How is that? During it’s “journey”, the shooting star enters the atmosphere of an astral object and it leaves dust on its path. Some stars are growing, others are dying. While every star moves and travel there is One that doesn’t move. It is know as the North Star. It is also called Qi-am-i Wintok by Native North Americans. It is said that it was one a mountain sheep called Nagah. I know…a sheep, it does sound weird. But! You must not forget that in the Native North American culture, animals are very important. So, this sheep liked to climb very peak mountains and sheer rocks. Nagah liked to climb very high mountains. One day, Nagah saw one mountain that was so high that the apex got lost into the clouds. Nagah finally reached the top and was so glad to finally see the whole world from the top ! Shinob, the Great Spirit was walking in the sky when he saw Nagah on the top of the Mountain. He decided to transform her into a star. A star that will bright in the dark sky and that will be seen by every linking being on the planet. She will be a guide for travelers who travel by earth and sky. This is how, Nagah became the  only star that stays in the same position. Obviously, this is a myth, but if you guys are really interested into the actual facts, let me know and I’ll do my best to give the rightful answers to you. 


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