The Philadelphia Experiment

Several unexplained events happen every day. Most of the public don’t know if they should believe in these things. Reasons are pretty understandable. Some of the protagonists might just want attention, TV producers might be interested in money, but what if it is real?

The Philadelphia Experiment happened in 1943 on the american coasts. Everything started with a man, Morris Ketchum Jessup, an american scientists mostly interested in astronomy. In the 1920’s Jessup was a math and astronomy teacher at Drake University in Iowa and at Michigan University. After doing his Ph.D, he pursuit his research about the Mayan and Incas ruins. He couldn’t believe that simple human beings could build such amazing monuments at that time. The only explanation would be that they had to resort to an advanced technology which they did not have here, on Earth. He believed the technology they used came from somewhere else, from another world. Unfortunately, Jessup was not able to continue his research for financial reasons. He decided to write his ideas so people could be able to think about this massive possibility. Jessup tried to communicate to his readers that they had to do something, act toward the politicians so they’d agreed to establish some serious research about this subject. The great Albert Einstein himself devoted the last years of his life working on Jessup’s researches. «Jessup thought that the research of his theory would bring up answers to explain the energy sources used by UFOs. On January the 13th, Jessup received a letter from one of his readers signed Carl M. Allen.»

You’re probably wondering where does all of this relate? What’s the point of all this? This first letter wasn’t any letter. Carlos Miguel Allende was one of the marines that was on the US Navy destroyer. This mighty ship became invisible fore several minutes. No, I’m not joking.

“The “Philadelphia Experiment” is the name that has commonly been given to an alleged Top-Secret experiment conducted by the United States Navy in 1943 in which the Destroyer Escort U.S.S. Eldridge, outfitted with several tons of specialized electronics equipment capable of creating a tremendous pulsating magnetic field around itself, was first made invisible and then transported, in a matter of moments, from the Philadelphia Navy Yard, to the Norfolk Docks and back again, a total distance of over 400 miles “.

The US government denied this experiment. Even today, it is still an official non-occured event according to the government. It’s funny how government keep all sort of secrets from the people in order to “protect” them. It might be true, but in some other occasions the reasons are political, economic,… How can we truly know this place we live in? What we call planet Earth is our home, but we are not allowed to know it completely. There is always something hidden, unexplained. When people discover them, millions of questions  pop in their minds but most of the time powerful people, the ones who control this world will hide it. I guess I’ll never truly know why.